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Asia Vision presents

American English Language Institute

in cooperation with 

University of the Holy Land


Now you can become certified to teach English as a Second Language with accreditation through the University of the Holy Land in Jerusalem! 


Classes can take place in Israel, China, Philippines, or Thailand. 

Contact us about dates, costs, and enrollment. 


  • Basic educational methods

  • Materials

  • Various approaches to ESL instruction

  • Lesson Planning

  • Various approaches to teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing on the adult intermediate level

  • Teaching skills

  • Development of a topic handbook

  • Corrections

  • Trends in Asian L2 education today

  • Observations

  • Practice teaching requirements


Requirements for ESL Certification


The student will have a Bachelor Degree or similar to enter the ESL certification program. Any other considerations with regard to entrance must be made by the leadership of the AELI TESL Team only.


Students will be required to finish the entire course of Lessons to the Teacher and then be tested on the textbook Theory and Practice of TESL by the American English language Institute TESL Team. Outside reading requirements will also include the compilation selected AELI research papers and articles written by the American TESL Team and provided by the head teacher of the individual programs in various countries.


30 hours of classroom study in a local cooperating college, university or specialized English school or program in the host country as directed by the AELI TESL Team


5 hours of observed ESL teaching practice on the adult intermediate level under supervision of the AELI TESL Team


Requirements for TESL Certification


The student must have a Master Degree or similar to enter the TESL certification program on the graduate level. Registration and tuition with the University of the Holy Land is required to obtain the 9 graduate credit hours through the Jerusalem program


Other requirements for TESL certification include the same as noted in the ESL certification program but also include the following


  • A resume that includes a legitimate background in teaching and education on the high school or college level


  • Additional teaching requirements under the supervision of the AELI TESL team in the development of the ongoing TESL program in the host country including teaching in one complete seminar with the college hosted TESL team


  • A research paper as prescribed by the director of the AELI or UHL TESL program


  • Reading of the textbook Cambridge guide to Pedagogy and Practice in Second Language Teaching by Anne Burns and Jack Richards


  • Final exam on the Cambridge Textbook

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