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The Tesl Team


Peter S. Snyder, M.A., PhD.

Dr. Peter Snyder is the president of the American English Language Institute. He remains on the faculty of the University of the Holy Land in Jerusalem located on the Hebrew University campus of the beautiful Mount Scopus. Pete has a PhD in English Education and a Masters degree in TESL education. He has also been the coordinator of many overseas training programs in China and the Philippines.


Susan Malone, M.A., MDiv

Susan Malone is President of Asia Vision and has over 30 years of experience in English Education and TESL: teaching elementary, high school, and university students both in the United States and overseas. She conducts seminars and trains international scholars from South Korea, China, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Rick Bell, M.A., M.A.Th.

Rick is Vice President of Asia Vision. He has taught overseas for over 20 years, and has trained English students from elementary school to university, as well as business professionals. Rick has also been involved in various overseas training programs.

Lauren Snyder (USA) BA., MA


James Norman (USA) BA., MA


Judy Knox (USA) BA., MA.Ed


Sharon Brock (USA) BA., MA. Ed.


David Young (USA) MA


Dr. James Williamson (Baylor - USA) BA., MA., Ph.D Ed


Carolyn Ramseys (China) BA, MA


Paul Ramseys (China) BA, MA


Jon Patches (China) MA Ed


Albert Yang (China) BA, MA


Hou Wei-jun (China) M. Div.


Lisa Ravenhill (China) BA., MA.


Gene Little (Jerusalem) BA, MA., D. Div.


Melecio Parcon BA., MA., D. Div. (Philippines)


Valerie Mamara BA, MA (China, DPRK, Russia, Mongolia)


John Seaders BS, MS (consultant, Oregon)

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